TCOPlus makes anniversary offer to international fleet managers

To mark its first anniversary within the TÜV SÜD Auto Service Fleet Business Unit, TCOPlus is making a special birthday offer to international fleet decision makers to help them in their decision making and bring greater transparency to the management of their fleets.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the fleet business unit, the new generation GreenCube 2020 is being made available free of charge for 12 months to any fleet operator which signs up to take the global fleet reporting solution, FleetCube, before the end of September this year.

The Fleet Business Unit was created one year ago with the acquisition of fleet tool development specialist, TCOPlus, the global market-leaders in consolidated fleet reporting and TCO forecast solutions, and its sister company, international fleet consultancy, FleetVision, both based in Belgium.

This anniversary offer is linked to the landmark year, 2020, when the EU’s next CO2 benchmark of 95g/km needs to be reached by all European car manufacturers as an average measurement across their entire model range.

As a consequence, TCOPlus has now developed a new version of its award-winning CO2 measurement solution, GreenCube.

This latest generation, called GreenCube2020, allows fleet operators to model a host of ‘what if’ scenarios to ensure that their fleets comply in plenty of time with the 2020 CO2 benchmark.

Once, this might have been achievable through the exclusive use of the latest generation of diesel cars.

But concerns about the suitability of diesels for urban areas because of the toxic mix of pollutants they produce and their political correctness, have meant that petrol engines and alternative power trains, including hybrids and electric vehicles, now need to be taken into consideration to find the optimum model mix.

The latest version of GreenCube allows fleet decision makers to do just that and assess the business case for a future fleet strategy based around CO2 reduction, looking at a host of variables including the impact on TCO.

It also provides a unique view of the effect on taxation of switching the fleet to low carbon dioxide models or alternative power trains, and assesses how many of each, including hybrids and EVs, may be required to reach the 95g/km limit across the corporate fleet.

FleetCube is TCOPlus’ mainstream tool for global data consolidation and reporting that has been used by international fleet managers around the world to gain greater clarity and insight into the make-up of their fleets.

The composition of an international fleet may involve a number of different countries, a host of separate business units and legal entities, and an assortment of different suppliers. Achieving transparency across such a diverse fleet operation in its entirety can be a challenging and demanding task, far beyond the reach of simple spreadsheets.

FleetCube, however, turns the complex into the straightforward, following the input of all relevant fleet data on an international or even global basis.

Once uploaded into FleetCube, the outcome can then be sliced and diced into whatever segments the fleet decision maker requires, so that inter-country or even inter-continent fleet comparisons are simple and without huge amounts of effort.

The information makes, for example, negotiations with vehicle manufacturers over issues such as volume rebates and bonuses far more straightforward and with far greater transparency than was previously achievable, and helps achieve efficiencies in acquisition costs.

TCOPlus director Bart Vanham said: “The return on investment from the use of GreenCube 2020 will more than pay for the use of the FleetCube global reporting tool for 12 months for the typical international fleet

Hans Damen, co director of TCOPlus added: “FleetCube in its own right is extremely valuable for the international fleet decision maker. In a marketplace where globalisation is more and more apparent, understanding where your fleet is in meeting your KPI's becomes more complex with multiple suppliers, supply chains, regions, countries, divisions and legal entities. Your data is scattered to say the least.

Bart Vanham continues: “FleetCube allows international fleet decision makers to gain insight into their consolidated international fleet data and information in a few mouse clicks, providing immediate insight into fleet performance and programme compliance while bringing unmatched global fleet intelligence and translating identified trends into transparent and clear cut actionable strategic decisions and execution".

TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH acquires TCOPlus and FleetVision to boost Fleet Business

With effect of May 8th 2015 TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH acquired 100% of the shares of the globally leading companies for Consolidated Fleet Reporting, TCO Forecast Solutions and international fleet consulting: the Belgium TCOPlus and its sister company FleetVision.

The two companies are now 100% affiliates of TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH and operate within the Business Unit Fleet. The two founders, Mr. Bart Vanham and Mr. Hans Damen will continue to act as Managing Directors for this very successfully and well routed business. Both gentlemen have spent a major part of their professional life in the global Automotive and Fleet Consulting Business. As a former director of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Bart Van- ham brings an in-depth knowledge in the highly complex world of global automotive related tax systems into this new set up. As former CEO of Fleet Synergy International, now Athlon Car Lease International, Hans Damen connects long standing Automotive Finance Business experience with the ability to project it into unique applied fleet consulting and consolidated fleet reporting solutions.

TCOPlus holds contracts to major international clients servicing already a fleet of 120.000 vehicles, where FleetVision provides Consulting Services for its clients all over the world. The award winning solutions of TCOPlus provide global fleet owners a transparent overview about cost and other key data of their international fleet such as procurement opportunities. In addition it enables their clients to simulate local and international fleet cost reductions respecting tax systems of more than 30 countries – covering all typical fleet markets worldwide. All in all these tools provide transparency about existing fleet cost and offer realistic forecasts for the client’s stakeholders.

The fleet business of TÜV SÜD Auto Service is already well established in this industry. The Dashboard Tools of TCOPlus such as FleetCube will complete our Business Units product portfolio perfectly and will support our cus- tomers in identifying and realizing cost potentials. But in addition it enables customers to simulate tax effects with the applied forecast functionality of the GreenCube, says Rainer Laber, responsible for the Business Unit Fleet of TÜV SÜD Group. The Fleet Management Program of TÜV SÜD Auto Service supports our customers both on a local as well as international level. By having the possibility to access the global network of TÜV SÜD affiliates in more than 70 countries in the world we are highly flexible in providing our customers fleet services – locally, but also globally.

"With the background of a 150 year old certifying and testifying engineering company, TÜV SÜD stands for financial solidity and for a neutral position in this industry. Combining the DNA of both companies will provide a platform to accelerate the growth of TCOPlus and FleetVision", Hans Damen and Bart Vanham complete.

TCOplus wins 1st Place in Fleet Europe Industry Awards

TCOplus wins with the reporting tools GreenCube and FleetCube at the Fleet Europe Industry Awards. Mr Damen and Mr Vanham share their delight at having won this award with innovative solutions for the market. They also tell us about future plans for TCOplus.

Lessons learned from the International Fleet Guide

During the late spring of each year you are able to enjoy the fruits of a few months of hard work form the PricewaterhouseCoopers Network and Fleet Europe. The following article form Bart Vanham, is a brief overview of the current trends in car taxation for 27 countries, most of them EU Member States.

Read now and start planning for 2012 and beyond.

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