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Hans-Damen-and-Bart-Vanham-TCOPlusOur solutions go beyond the traditional TCO approach. Taking TCO to the next level is what we like to call 'TCOPlus'.

Behind the TCOPlus solutions GreenCube, FleetCube and FleetCentral are Bart Vanham (pictured left) and Hans Damen (pictured right). Based upon over 35 years of combined global fleet experience they have developed solutions for international fleets that deliver solid results, measurable added value.

Each of their project have provided their customers significant return on investment and allowed these customers to present solid business cases and successfully drive change management.

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GreencubeFleetcube Fleetcentral

Case study - Coca‑Cola Enterprises

Coca-Cola Enterprises sets carbon reduction and cost saving target with TCOPlus GreenCube.